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McKinney, Texas
I am fortunate to live and have a business I LOVE in my hometown. My name is Charm, and I am a woman who He has blessed with family, community and am surrounded by beautiful things daily (can't get much better than that). I am new to the blogging world. Be patient with me - encourage me. Know I am excited to see your beautiful things, or hear your ideas. There are no boundaries to style or beauty - and never settle for ordinary!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Although I have a few thoughts of my own...I am VERY interested in getting your input.
If you know me, you are very aware that architectural pieces are a focal point in my home.
If you are a new friend, you will quickly learn that I LOVE doors, columns, frames, windows, arches, gates...no limit...I love it all! And they often become the inspiration piece I work from. I really have created my home, my business, my art and my design around architectural pieces.
If you have purchased a cabinet that is similar to this inspiration piece....how did you use it? What room is it in, how does it function for you?
Now, for "alternative" thinkers out there...how would you use it if it were in your home? I have several ideas (I promise to share), but am really excited to hear yours first. Let me know, would love to see a photo of your inspiration piece! If you can't post here, shoot it to my email: alternativefurn@aim.com.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I hope you will visit often and we can discuss "alternatives" to traditional decorating. Don't get me wrong, I love traditional decor. Traditional influence is reflected throughout my home. But I love to help clients and friends find "alternative" decorating ideas. It is simply a unique way to personalize your home (remember, we never settle for ordinary)!
Have you faced the challenge of covering up a perhaps not so attractive flourescent light? Check this out - can't wait to hear what you think. The reflection was bright, beautiful and the thing visitors always remember. What a compliment to your home!
Have you tried an "alternative" to a similar decorating problem? Tell me, send me a pic, don't keep secrets! If it's easier, just email: alternativefurn@aim.com